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About Us

The San Ramon Golf Academy curriculum prepares the athlete to perform their best on their Varsity High School and Junior Varsity team and Middle School Team. Additionally, we are offering a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) program that includes developing a personal fitness plan by analyzing swing faults and testing for muscle deficiencies that may be the cause of the swing faults. The summer Varsity Program will focus on increasing strength, stability, mobility by facilitating a wide variety of exercises using the TPI model. We will facilitate monthly 18 hole tournaments to prepare athletes for tournament play. Additionally, we will be participating in a summer league that includes playing Matches at other courses in the area. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our students through the game of golf. Additionally, we will focus on improving life skills by teaching the cadets to be on time for practice and tournaments, to listen attentively, provide feedback, complete group projects pertaining to rules, etiquette, history, and promoting the game of golf.

The Prep Academy program for golfers 5 years of age and older will focus on skill development by providing a curriculum of dynamic exercises including, skipping, walking on a balance beam, pushing the coaches cart, tug of war, long jump, and sprinting. The #1 objective is to teach the cadets that golf is fun and more importantly, the game of a lifetime! All cadets will be enrolled in the NCGA Youth on Course Program that entitles them to significant discounts at other courses.

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